It is the time for the arrival of the new member in your house and all are all occupied with the arrangements to welcome the baby. While the rest of the family is busy with other preparations, the parents keep themselves occupied by thinking about a perfect name for their little bundle of joy. Be it a boy or a girl, parents now days want the best and a unique name for their babies.


Choose Baby Name by the Mythological Way

As per our culture and tradition, most of us choose names which go by the mythological characters. Mythology includes a great and diverse selection of words and names to play around with. Most apparent is the names of heroes and gods to select from. Looking at Greek mythology for example, anything from Zeus and Hera, to Rhea and Apollo, to Argos and Pandora can be a refreshing resurrection of the classical names.

Along with actual names of heroes and gods, there are the different kinds of beings to be inspired by. For example, there are the nymphs as well as their many types like Nereids, Oreads, Naiads, Dryads, Auloniads and Lampades. These creatures were occasionally even monsters, such as the Leviathan, or Chimera, or Typhon, or Cerberus.

While this is the scenario with Greek Mythology, Indian Mythology which is famous around the World too has a number of names to choose from. Like stated earlier, there are names of gods and goddesses to choose from. Parents also look for names which are taken from various synonyms. Like for example, a girl can be named as Chandra which also means moon. This is as per Hindu Sanskrit meanings.

What Should we Name our Newborn Kid?

Whether this is the primary child or one of a dozen kids you and your partner plan on having, it is among the most usual questions asked by expectant parents when they recognize they will have a baby.

Through diligence, both parents can discover a name that can represent the uniqueness of the child and provide heritage parents need for their younger generation. The most usual way of selecting an infant name comes from almost any baby name book which can be picked up at the local bookstore or online at various sites.

There are different options available to assist you to choose a name for your newborn infant. Some procedures of name choosing discussed later contain:

  • Religious or Spiritual names
  • Pop Culture or national and local society as a basis to get a name
  • Base words with meanings

Family Names

Naming a kid after close or family friends is a respectable way of selecting a name. Sometimes, still, you want to have a family name but don’t need to make use of one that’s much more familiar to you personally. What? It is possible to turn to your own genealogy to derive a special name for you boy or baby girl.

Looking to your family tree is sometimes a good medium in figuring out the right name. If you are unsure of how to look for names, there are multiple on-line sources to assist you.

We hope this article has helped reduce frustration and the strain in choosing a baby name for boy or your unique baby girl. We know how frustrating it may be, plus it is only one thing to be performed by the time infant comes into this world.

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