Its hard to believe that 2015 comes to a close and we will take breathe in 2016. Baby names 2016 will be more influenced than ever by the major news events of the day, with celebrities and pop culture playing supporting roles.

With the new “Star Wars” movie already selling out theaters weeks before its release date, we predict it will swamp all contenders as baby name pop culture influence of the year. Luke and Leia may be old baby name news, but Anakin is way up in the national standing already.

Top Baby Names 2016 Prediction

Every year we see new trends in baby names based on happenings in pop culture including television and movies, books, fashion, and celebrities. The most popular baby names 2015 include old-fashioned favorites mixed with unusual modern names you’ve likely never heard before. Predictions of the most popular baby names for 2016 released.

Predictions for the 20 Most Popular Boys Names 2016

  1. Atticus: Meaning “from Attica.”
  2.  Luke: A Greek name that means “man from Lucania.”
  3. Noah: Noah means “rest.”
  4. Liam: Meaning “resolute protection.”
  5. Evan: Evan is a name that means “the Lord is gracious.”
  6. Carter: Meaning “transporter of goods by cart.”
  7. Kingston: An English name meaning “king’s town.”
  8. Mason: Meaning “worker in stone.”
  9. Ethan: A name that means “firm or strong.”
  10. Owen: This is a name that means “young warrior.”
  11. Jacob: A classic name meaning “supplanter.”
  12. Logan: A name that means “small hollow,”
  13. Gale: In American the meaning of the name Gale is: Lively
  14. William: Meaning “resolute protection,”
  15. Rhett: Meaning “advice,”
  16. Alexander: Meaning “defending men.”
  17. Cameron: Meaning “crooked nose.”
  18. Colton: Meaning “from the coal” or “dark town,”
  19. Jackson: A favorite name meaning “son of Jack”
  20. Michael: The name that means “who is like God?”

Predictions for the 20 Most Popular Girls Names 2016

  1. Amelia: A German name meaning “work,”
  2. Olivia: Olivia, meaning “olive tree,”
  3. Emma: Another lovely feminine name, Emma means “universal.”
  4. Charlotte: This feminine version of Charles, meaning “free man,”
  5. Ella: Meaning “all” or “completely,”
  6. Ava: A popular baby name that means “life,”
  7. Mia: Another classic name that means “mine.”
  8. Isabella: Meaning “pledged to God,”
  9. Abigail: Meaning “my father is joyful,”
  10. Emily: Meaning “rival,”
  11. Sophia: A name that means wisdom,
  12. Madison: A name that means “son of Maud,”
  13. James: This traditional boy name that means “Supplanter”
  14. Isla: A name that means “island,”
  15. Penelope: Penelope means “weaver.”
  16. Cora: A Greek name that means “maiden,”
  17. Lucy: An English name that means “light,”
  18. Liliana: A beautiful name that means “flower.”
  19. Gale: Also on the boys’ list, this name may gain popularity with the soon-to-be-released Hunger Games movie.
  20. Violet: A very feminine name that means “purple,”