A new study has revealed the most popular baby names of the last two decades. Charlotte, George, and Louis steadily climb up the chart while Emily is a top choice for a girl and Jack for a boy. According to the data from the Office of National Statistics from 1996 to 2019, some old classic names have stayed popular yet some skipped into the top ten.

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Some names, such as Jessica, Sophie, Jack, or Thomas, will always be popular, and rarely fall out of favor. But it seems that recently new parents have turned to the Royal Family for inspiration, as Charlotte became popular in the year following Princess Charlotte’s birth, as did George which was the 10th most popular name the year after Prince George was born.

Top 50 the most popular girls’ & boys’ names of the last 20 years:

Most Popular Girl Names in Last 20 Years Most Popular Boy Names in Last 20 Years
Emily Jack
Olivia Thomas
Jessica Harry
Sophie Oliver
Chloe Joshua
Charlotte James
Grace William
Amelia George
Ella Daniel
Lucy Samuel
Lily Joseph
Mia Charlie
Ellie Jacob
Hannah Benjamin
Holly Alexander
Alice Mohammed
Isabella Ethan
Phoebe Adam
Molly Alfie
Daisy Jake
Emma Matthew
Abigail Max
Ruby Dylan
Megan Luke
Elizabeth Henry
Isabelle Lewis
Georgia Ryan
Millie Edward
Poppy Liam
Freya Muhammad
Eleanor Harrison
Jasmine Michael
Sophia Oscar
Erin Callum
Imogen Nathan
Amber Isaac
Rosie Archie
Katie Tyler
Leah David
Amy Connor
Anna Jamie
Maisie Harvey
Bethany Charles
Evie Lucas
Harriet Toby
Sarah Louis
Zoe Aaron
Rebecca Alex
Paige Mason
Scarlett Noah