Australia’s top baby names in 2015 revealed and the most popular choice for names had a big influence of royal family. Report claims that parents are increasingly choosing names for their children that are creatively spelled or pronounced.

Research organization McCrindle analysed national Births, Deaths and Marriages data to compile this list and found about one in 10 Australian babies were given names that featured in the top 10 names. Oliver and Charlotte names are top names in the list.

Olivia’s three year reign at the top names is ended and occupied by Charlotte for girls names.
Oliver, meanwhile, proved the favourite name for boys for a second year running. The name beat Jack and William.

There were 2,283 boys named Oliver and 1,737 girls named Charlotte last year, the report said. The birth of Princess Charlotte in May 2014 contributed to the name’s popularity last year.

Parents were also increasingly using popular boys’ names when naming their daughters – names like Riley, Jayden, Tyler, Leo, Dylan, Ashton and Alex were often used for girls.

The report found that parents were using more apostrophes, hyphens, or emphasised phonetic spellings to give their children unique names.

Australia’s Top 10 Baby Names (Girls and Boys)

Girl Name                                   Boy Names
1. Charlotte                                        1. Oliver
2. Olivia                                              2. William
3. Amelia                                            3. Jack
4. Ava                                                  4. Noah
5. Mia                                                  5. Thomas
6. Sophia                                             6. James
7. Chloe                                               7. Jackson
8. Emily                                              8. Ethan
9. Sophie                                             9. Luca
10. Grace                                            10. Lachlan