Every year we experience some strange baby names trends getting enough popularity and acceptance and the year 2016 so far too has been an evidence of the same. with parents taking inspiration from all those sources that are coming their way, we have compiled a list of few hot trends that need to be known by the ones who want to name their baby the unique way.

Cutest Baby Naming Trends For 2016

Trend #1: Pop Culture Still Dominates: With many parents going with their favorite pop celebrities as a source of name inspiration, we can surely make out that the pop culture still tends to dominate big time.

Trend #2: No Gender Specific Names: This is the second biggest trend that has been noticed in the year 2016. Now the parents are not going in for those gender specific names, they are naming their baby with something that is unique and interesting and this is surely helping them make a great pick.

Trend #3: ‘TH’ Names Are Back: It has been almost a decade ago when the names beginning with ‘TH’ used to rule the charts and off lately the same trend has made a comeback. Now parents are going in for the names that have this sound as they feel it adds a lot of charm to the name.

Trend # 4 Unique Middle Names: Gone are the days when experimentation was done with the name, in 2016 it is the middle name that has that uniqueness element. With all those stylish middle names such as Dream, Love and Sun ruling the charts this is the trend that is going to rock in 2017 too.

Trend #5 Short Is Sweet: Parents are no longer going in for those long names, the shorter the better is the trend that rules.

Trend #6 Constellation & Stars: Parents are naming their kids after anything and everything that exists up there in the sky and this is indeed an interesting trend.

Trend #7 Epoch Flower Names: These days, parents are going in for those epoch flower names to give their baby a name that stays unique for the life time.

Trend #8 King & Queen Names: The royal names have made a comeback; parents are naming their kids after kings, queens, princes and princesses to go with the names that are life time popular.

Trend #9 Bible As A Reference: Although, this trend has been there for ages, but now the parents are taking reference from the bible to pick on a name that is not known to many.

Trend #10 Nerdy Names Are The Preferred Ones: In order to make their kids look and feel intelligent, the parents are going in for all those nerdy names with confidence and this is one of the cutest trends ruling this years chart.

Trend#11 Star Wars Influence: With the new “Star Wars” movie already selling out theaters weeks before its release date, we predict it will swamp all contenders as baby name pop culture influence of the year. Luke and Leia may be old baby name news, but Anakin is way up in the national standing already.  We predict the rise in 2016 of such “Star Wars”-influenced names as Poe, Finn, Rey, Hux, Kylo, Ren, even Dameron.

The baby names trends keep on changing every year, each New Year comes out with some new options and the parents these days are giving in their 100% to make a unique pick. It needs to be mentioned that internet is acting as a huge reference making these trends reach all the parents and thus making the hard task go easy.