Hollywood has been a source of inspiration for tones of reasons and the latest entry to this is that of names. Newly turned parents are picking names that have represented famous Hollywood celebs for decades just to exhibit their love and passion for cinema. This new trend is picking up fast and now one would easily find new born babies with names such as Ginger, Gregory and Audrey. Looking at this trend, one thing is clear girls born in this era won’t be called Alice and Katie and you won’t find a boy whose name is Tim or Chris.

Parents these days are going with all those retro names that were once considered a big no-no as they feel that with these their kid would instantly get popular. Another common thought in the mind of parents is that they want a unique name that stands out of the crowd and they do not fear going the complicated way for this and as a result of this we will find kids named Vivien and Grace in coming days.

A Sneak Peak At Girly Names Making A Comeback

It was not long ago when the names such as Marie and Scarlett used to top the list of preferred baby girl names but now the trend is on full reversal mode and parents are going in for Bette, Greta, MAE and Kelly. These names have topped the list of preferred names in the year 2015-2016 and if we go by the trends, these are here to stay for some years.

It is not that the parents of new born girls are going by only these names; they are even going in for the translations of these names to pick something that is unique and still belongs to the celebrity category. Some unique options that would rule most of the parents’ preferences in coming days are:

Boy Names Too Come From Top Hollywood Celebs Now

For anyone who is a Hollywood fan, names such as Humphrey and Cary would be a normal pick for the new born baby as these names are in trend. Some other names of popular Hollywood celebrities doing rounds over the internet when it comes to naming a new born baby boy are Buster, GENE and Frank. Boy names that are hot picks these days include:

It is not that the parents choosing these names are doing these for the sake of uniqueness only, there is a sense of reminiscence too as many of us would recall our grandparents being huge fans of these celebs.

Anyways, naming your baby is a task that needs to be fun, so pick a good name and ask others to give their opinion and if you do not want that go with the one that you would love to call your baby with. You can name your baby after any celeb that you used to adore in your childhood as this is going to keep those cherished memories even fresher. So, stop hunting online and pick on those old Hollywood movies to make a classic pick!