Popularity can not be defined. Today’s popular name could not be the next. It happened recently. Angela, Derek, Elaine and Roy are among the top 20 names that are most rapidly declining in the UK. This figure is derived from the birth records in Britain in 2016.

For those of you named Angela, Beverley, Dean or Clive, you can expect to see your name less and less, if this year’s current trend in baby names continues.

In 1911, John was the most popular baby name of the year, with 3,152 babies being christened with the name, followed closely by Patrick and James.

In 2014, Jack, Daniel and Conor featured in the top 4, while James still proved popular as 695 children were given the name that year.

Mary, Bridget and Margaret were the most popular girls’ names in 1911, but all three names have dropped off the list in 2014, with Emily, Sophie and Emma topping the charts in 2014.

According to BabyCentre’s managing editor, Sarah Redshaw, “It’s inevitable that as some names rise in popularity, others fall out of fashion. The question is will they die out completely, or experience a revival in the future?”

Least Popular Girl’s Names Least Popular Boy’s’ Names
Angela Bertram
Beverley Cecil
Carol Clarence
Debra Clive
Diane Cyril
Donna Dean
Doris Dennis
Elaine Derek
Joanne Duncan
Maureen Ernest
Paula Geoffrey
Sally Horace
Sandra Leonard
Sharon Malcolm
Sheila Neville
Tracey Nigel
Wendy Roy
Yvonne Wayne

Survey report by BabyCentre.