A recent study has confirmed the fact that moms to be, must keep happy. Their stress level can adversely affect the baby’s brain development. However, it’s nothing new. It has been advised to the expected moms to be happy and eat healthy long since as the baby is directly connected with you.

How Prenatal Stress Impacts Brain Connectivity of Unborn Baby

The study has scientifically proven the fact that high levels of stress during the pregnancy change a baby’s brain connectivity in utero. The research was presented on Mar 26, 2018, in Boston in a meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society.

The technical advancements made it possible to conduct such deep level of research. Latest fetal fMRI neuroimaging scans enable evaluating the link between high levels of maternal prenatal stress and the global efficiency of the fetal neural connectome in an unborn baby.

The success of the study is buzzing because the critical period of in-utero brain development has been revealed that was unknown until now. The in-utero study assessed the possible correlation between maternal prenatal stress levels and alterations in functional connectivity within the brains of unborn babies.

The research included 47 human fetuses’ scans between the 30-37th week of gestation. The researchers conducted a study on a cohort of expected moms who hailed from a low-resource, high-stress urban setting. Many of these women reported high levels of stress, worry, anxiety, and depression.

How Prenatal Stress Impacts Brain Connectivity of Foetus

The latest study scraps the belief that in-utero brain develops in a sequential order starting from the simplest systems like vision, and motor, etc. to complex and high-order systems. Instead, brain areas responsible for a critical role in bridging functional connectivity across all systems appear to take center stage and coordinate.

The findings reveal that especially, cerebellum might be vulnerable to the impacts of maternal prenatal stress that occur in utero.  Researchers are speculating that the cerebellum is responsible because of the highest density of glucocorticoid receptors. They found Glucocorticoid receptors to be directly involved in stress responses.

So the advanced studies on the issue how prenatal stress impacts brain connectivity of foetus will keep cerebellum in the center. Researchers hope to come with the comprehensive information through their further researches.

What Are Expected Moms Suggested?

Expected moms suggested taking care of themselves the most. They are about to bring a new life on the planet who will contribute to the present and future of the world. The study has finally confirmed that they should stay happy and eat well.

This should not only about mothers. Rather who all are waiting for the newborn should be told. They must keep the expected mom happy by pampering and cuddling her. The nine months are the most valuable because two lives are associated with it.

A study on a few women is boon for all others who are on the planet and would come in future. They should also be thanked for offering their valuable time as well as combating the risk involved in gauging how prenatal stress impacts brain connectivity of foetus.