We all form in that gentle bond with any new born baby as soon as we see him/her or feel the touch, but none of us thinks about what the baby is feeling at the moment going by the misconception that he or she is too small to feel anything.

20 Amazing Facts About New Born Babies That Will Completely Astonish You

Well, there are some amazing things that a new born baby can do (even better than us), so let us have a quick glimpse at these interesting facts.

    1. Baby smells addictive: Newborn baby’s fragrance can turn out to be extremely attractive for the parents or others around and a clear evident is that we can often see mothers cuddling their babies to get their smell.
    2. Labour birth marks are not there to stay: All that pain that a mommy has gone through to bring the baby out might show in the labour marks, but most of these dull away in few months.
    3. New Born Baby Has A Blurry Vision: A new born baby has a blurry vision, he or she is able to see things that are too close, but yes the reaction comes from far too.
    4. Always In That Sleepy Mode: The new born baby is always in that sleepy mode, at least for the first few days. The body is going to stay active for only 3 to 5 minutes per hour.
    5. New Born Babies Can Jump: Although, this might seem awkward, but with all those reflexes, a new born can jump due to that protective mechanism. It is just a natural response with those wide fists and knees drawn upside.
    6. New Born Recognizes The Noises You Love: All those songs that you have been hearing during the pregnancy phase are pretty much recognized by the baby. In case, he begins to cry you can put on your favorite song and see the magic happen.
    7. Heart Beats Coordinate: It is one such amazing fact that has been recently discovered, it has been find that the heart rates of baby and mommy begin to coordinate as soon as they begin to look into each others eyes.
    8. Mom’s Voice Makes His Brain Alert: Yet another amazing fact, the voice of a mother acts as a syllable or learning tool for the baby as this noise makes him alert and active.
    9. Baby Uses Touch Receptors To Learn About Things Around: Newborn baby uses his sense of touch to learn about the things and surface around. Even the things that go into the mouth have to pass through these receptors.
    10. All Cry But No Tears: This is something we all would have noticed; despite of all that wailing there come out no tears, well the reason behind this is that the tear ducts are not that developed.
    11. Babies Have More Bones Than Adults: A baby is born with 270 bones and by the time he reaches adulthood that number drops to 206! The reason for the loss of bones is due to fusion of the spine and skull as baby grows.
    12. Babies Take More Breaths Than Adults: A newborn baby’s breathe is so much faster than an adult’s or child’s. Their normal breathing rate is in and around 40 times per minute, while an adult breathes between 12 and 20.
    13. Babies Double Their Birthweight In 5 Months: Babies will double their birth weight by the time they hit 5 months of age.
    14. Birthmarks Are The Rule, Not Exception : If your newborn has a birthmark or other abnormality, this is actually normal. Around 80% of all babies are born with some form. The most common include stork bites and port wine stains.
    15. A Baby Can Read Tone and Respond: If you speak to your baby in a happy voice, but with a scared tone, or in a mean voice with a smile, your baby will likely show signs of agitation.
    16. Baby’s Very Boob Curious: A research team discovered that if a newborn is left on his mother’s chest after birth, he’ll eventually crawl up and find her breast to feed, guided by her smell. Incredible, right? He also has a Rooting reflex – if you stroke his cheek, he’ll turn in that direction with his mouth open ready to feed.
    17. Wants to Put Everything in Mouth: Infants are born with an instinct to put things in their mouth as part of a survival-of-the-fittest mentality to make sure they’re fed.
    18. He’s out of proportion: Your baby’s head makes up a quarter of his total body length right now, and his brain takes up 10 per cent of his total body weight. The rest of him is growing to catch up.
    19. Specific Cry: Your baby has a specific cry that you can recognize just three days after birth. Researchers have found that a new mom can pick out her baby’s individual cry even if there are other crying babies in the room.
    20. That Eye Color May Change: All babies are born with blue eyes. Basically, the pigmentation process in his iris hasn’t started working yet – it does kick in though, and your baby’s true eye colour usually becomes apparent around six months old.

Each day that you spent with the new born baby is going to teach you something, the only need here is to stay in that cautious mode. In case, you feel exquisite about any action, go check the facts with elders or internet to know the real reasons as this helps rear the baby well.