he entire world is suffering from pandemic dissemination. And Covid 19 or the coronavirus is accountable for triggering such a deadly breakout. The transmission of the virus takes place from one entity to another using mouth or nose droplets. The main medium of the transmission is sneezing and coughing.

Once released as droplets from a human source it can stay intact on the surface at a stretch for many days. Therefore, any other person who comes in direct touch with the contamination will fall prey to the virus. Now, this virus works in a cycle.

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Suppose you touched the person or the droplet or simply inhaled the contaminated item. In no time, you again touched the nose, eye or moth. There is no chance of bypassing the scenario as you are already a part of the pandemic cycle. Note that besides all, the pregnant and new-born also need protection from the acrid virus attack. Can coronavirus cause complications in pregnancy?

According to the World health organization, Coronar ivus is pandemic. No such deadly form virus did show up in the last 100 years. Certainly, pregnant mothers are too pondering about corona virus and very scared of the aftermath of the virus on their pregnancy.

Pregnant women are too conscious to know what is the illness that COVID 19 can provide them?

According to the experts’ pregnant women are more fragile with the COVID 19 contamination. Doctors are highlighting the fact that these effects can vary from acute to mild. But in any scenario, the vulnerability is the same both in case of the pregnant and a general person.

Is there any possibility of transferring the disease from the mother to the fetus?

Worried pregnant women are extremely baffled that whether the disease would pass on to their unborn.
Women already diagnosed with Coronavirus should be happy that no such symptoms yet popped up, causing any transmission.
A study revealed that about 9 conceived women found with COVID 19 did not have the virus in their amniotic water. Neither, traces found in the mother’s milk or the throat of the babies.
No testimonials related to fetal anomaly due to infected yet recorded.

What precautions should pregnant women take during pregnancy?

If you talk about the precaution, then make sure that follow the below bullets diligently:

  • The first thing that you should religiously follow is that wash your hands followed by deep cleaning for at least 20 seconds.
  • Next, ensure that you don’t touch any other body parts especially the mouth, eyes or nose.
  • The most important is that you should not show up in gatherings. On that note, maintain a distance from others.
  • Make sure that you should not get near to the people especially if you have a cold or cough.
  • Now while sneezing or coughing use the elbow or a tissue. But in that case, you need to throw off the tissue at once. This is a measure to keep others sound and fit.
  • Next important point is that you should maintain the proper hydration level
  • This will keep your immune system at its best.
  • The suspected ones should follow the home quarantine.

What are the risks of coronavirus to newborns?

There is no such risk as any trace found in the breast milk. Therefore, babies should get breastfeeding. It will help babies to get antibodies from the mother. No deaths still reported yet.

Final say:

Hence, coronavirus is not risky at all for pregnant mothers.

Note: This article is based on facts available on google.