Congrats on being a mommy! So, now that the baby is finally on your lap, give in some serious thoughts to shed that extra weight that you have piled all these 9 months. It is a common myth that losing pregnancy fat is tough and takes long to go away, by going the natural way you can surely gain back that pre-pregnancy figure and that too with tiny-winy efforts.

Usually, it does not take more than few months to be back in shape, it is just that you need to stay committed. Always remember, that baby weight can put you in the obese category, so, begin with this weight loss journey almost immediately.

  1. No Serious Exercise, Just Get Moving: We all know that you are sleep deprived so do not even think of doing any strenuous workout, begin with some quick moves and walk maxim. Walk some distance daily and steadily increase it, just make sure that you do not over exert your body as the baby is going to keep you on your toes all day long and you need a long of energy.
  2.  Burn Extra Calories Breastfeeding: Another incredible way to lose weight, breastfeed your child as with this you will lose around 800 calories daily. For many ladies out there breastfeeding alone could bring in some amazing weight loss results.
  3. Watch The Fat Intake: Now that the craving time is over, get strict about your diet. Watch your diet and make sure that you do not take in any extra calories in form of fats as these would take a longer time to vanish. Go in for nutrient rich foods and try to keep the sugars and fats at bay. Do not go in for any crash diet as you and your baby both need energy; just make sure that those useless fats do not get a chance to stick to your tummy.
  4. Power Naps Can Help Lose Weight: Your body is already in a stressed mode and this means that those weight loss results might take long to arrive. Try and sleep when the baby sleeps, this gives your system some rest and put pressure on the metabolism system making the body loses fat. With this your energy meter is going to stay high and you will be able to walk or take a little jog to lose all that extra fat and flab sitting on the body.
  5. Go In For Healthy Snacking: We know you need that extra munch of energy, just make sure that you keep some healthy snacks handy, nuts and fruits will be a great pick. Go in for high fiber snacks as they will make you feel fuller for long killing away all those annoying hunger pangs and cravings.

One last thing, do all that you can to kick off that extra weight, but go slow as any rush here is going to do a permanent damage to your health. is an information hub for parents who are always on the lookout for something informative yet interesting. This is a site dedicated to making each step of parenting an enjoyable one and most importantly there is a giant name bank to choose your baby’s name.