Today parents are more curious about the baby names, specially when their bundle of joy comes home. Irish baby names are using in many countries. They prefer Irish baby names if looking for classic and beautiful names although Irish baby names are sound adorable, but only other Irish people can spell.

We bring absolutely beautiful Irish names you’ll want to steal for your baby

Irish baby names

Meaning: This is an Irish take on Eva or Ava and it’s pronounced similarly, this popular name means beautiful, radiant and joyful and is known as the greatest woman warrior in the world.

Meaning: A shortened form of Eleanor or Honora, this name is derived from the Latin words for “honor” and “reputation.”

Meaning: This name relates back to Irish legend Fionnuala who was transformed into a swan.

Meaning: “Ambitious, fierce.” Nessa was the mother of Conchonhar Mac Ness, the king of Ulster and was a beautiful and powerful woman.

Meaning: It’s the Irish form of Jane and means “God is gracious.”

Meaning: “Guardian of the riches,” is also used to honor Eamon De Valera who was Ireland’s president for 14 years.

Meaning: This one comes from Saint Columba, who was known for being a great poet and a scholar It is also the Gaelic form of Latin columba meaning ‘dove’.

A derivative of the male name “Conn,” Quinn means “intelligent” or “chief,” and is spelled “Cuinn” in Irish. Bonus points for any Harley

Meaning: Short for Arthur in America, the name comes from the ancient word for ‘a bear’ and is used in the sense of outstanding warrior or champion.

Meaning: An Irish spin on Dylan, it means “faithful,” “loyal” and “flash of lightning.”

Pronounced “Kil-ee-in,” this is a fun Irish name any little boy could be proud of. Traditionally meaning “associated with the church,” the Gaelic spelling is “Cillín.”

With the same root as “Kevin,” Keeva means “beautiful” or “precious.” The original Irish spelling on this one is a doozy: “Caoimhe.” Yup, still pronounced “kee-va.”

Pronounced “air-nin,” Ernan means “iron,’ and it’s as strong a name as you can get. This is one of the few names with a spelling in Gaelic non-Irish speakers might actually want to use: “Eirnin.”

This is one of those names that’s perfect for those who want something Irish, but not too crazy. It also has a beautifully simple meaning: “friend.”

Meaning “full of goodness,” Declan is a name that manages to be unique without being weird. The Irish spelling is also a perfect example of why Gaelic is so weird to us: “Deaglan.”

This beautiful name has the simplest, most endearing meaning: “oh child.”

Pronounced “di-re,” this is another name with no good English version (the closest thing is Dara). It can also be spelled “Daire,” and means “fruitful” or “fertile.”

This name is also sort of self-explanatory. The “glen-” prefix means exactly what it says, and “don” is “fortress,” so it means “person from the valley (or glen) fortress.”

The Gaelic spelling of this name is the mother of all awkwardly spelled Gaelic names: “Siobhan.” So unless you want your daughter saying, “no, it’s pronounced ‘shev-on,’ not ‘see-o-ban,'” you might want to go with the English spelling. Meaning “God is gracious,” it’s another one of those names that just has a pretty ring to it.

This one is unique on this list: it’s the Irish version of “William,” which has German roots. It’s become very popular in Ireland lately, so your child may not be the only one sporting it, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.