Singh and kaur surnames are very common for Punjabi sikh community. Mostly first name is unisex for male and female. A Sikh man always bears the surname of Singh, which means ‘lion’, and a Sikh woman can be identified with a second name of Kaur, which means ‘princess’.

Unisex Sikh Baby Names
The first name of most Sikhs, both males and females, usually is a combination of two words. The first word is usually something like Gur, Har, Man, Bal, Dal, Kul, Jas, while the second one is like inder, jeet, jot, preet, pal, meet, deep, mail, bir, vant etc. The various combinations of these prefixes and suffixes make up Sikh first names. They probably reflect the tradition of names followed by the Khatri families of Punjab, to which most of later Sikh Gurus belonged. Banta Singh, Bhag Singh, Jant Singh, Jeet Kaur, Har Kaur etc. could be easily encountered especially in rural areas of Punjab.

Most Punjabi sikh names are Unisex, which means the same name can be used both genders (for boys and girls). Unisex first names are a salient example of the complete equality between men and women.

These are some unisex Punjabi Sikh first names which commonly used for boys and girls.

 Name  Meaning  Gender
Agampreet Love for god Unisex
Amanjeet One who attains to peace Unisex
Amarjeet Victorious Unisex
Amarpreet Immortal love of god Unisex
Anoopjot Radiating the beauteous light Unisex
Balendra Lord Krishna Unisex
Balvinder Powerful, Strong, Mighty Unisex
Balvindra Powerful, Strong, Mighty Unisex
Balwant Powerful, Strong, Mighty Unisex
Bismeet The Blessed One Unisex
Dalbir Soldier Unisex
Daljeet The conqueror of forces Unisex
Deepinder God’s light Unisex
Dharampreet Love of faith Unisex
Dilshad Happy Unisex
Divvjyot Unisex
Ekanpreet Love for god Unisex
Gurdweep Light from the Guru Unisex
Gurinder Lord Unisex
Gurmeet Friend of guru Unisex
Gurpreet Love of guru, Guru’s love Unisex
Harbir Warrior of god Unisex
Harinder Lord Unisex
Harmeet God’s friend Unisex
Humpreet Combination of Hum and Preet Unisex
Inderjeet God’s triumph Unisex
Inderpreet Love for god Unisex
Ishwarpreet God’s beloved Unisex
Jasbeer Victorious hero Unisex
Jasminder Lord of glory Unisex
Jaspinder Praise of God, Goddess Durga Unisex
Joginder Establishing union with god Unisex
Kulvinder Successful and Charming Person Unisex
Kuwarjeet Victory of Prince Unisex
Parminder God of gods Unisex
Sukhwinder Bringer of destiny Unisex
Mandeep The Lamp of Peace Unisex
Surjeet Victorious Devotee, Immortal, Godly Unisex
Gurjeet One who wins the Guru’s Heart Unisex
Kuljeet The Godlike Person of the Family Unisex
Harjeet Victor, God’s Triumph Unisex
Manjeet Conqueror of the Mind Unisex
Harpreet One who loves God Unisex
Jaspreet One who Loves to sing praises of the Lord Unisex
Kulpreet Love of the Family Unisex
Manpreet Happiness of the Heart Unisex
Harjot God’s Light Unisex
Gurjot Light of God, Light of Guru Unisex
Jasjot Flame of Glory Unisex
Sukhjinder Warrior of peace Unisex
Jasbinder Praiseworthy particle of the Glorious God of heaven Unisex
Harjinder Life which hasbeen granted by God Unisex
Ranjodh Imbued with the Love of Soul Unisex
Hardeep Lamp of God Unisex
Sukhdeep Lamp of Peace Unisex