There are names that make parents think twice and this in itself is a sign that this is not the one to go with. With several new baby names coming out, there are many that will force parents to scratch their head, it is to be understood that if parents are uncomfortable with that name it is a sure shot sign that the child is going to hate it when he or she grows big. All those parents who are eager to name their kids with a unique name need to go by the fact that those rare ones are not always good.

Worst Baby Names That Parents Should Never Name Their Kids With

Some unusual names that parents should never ever consider when hunting for a good name for their baby are:

  1. Hashtag
  2. Neako
  3. Arien
  4. Phelony
  5. Uteraz
  6. Tay-Tay
  7. Hyness
  8. Punched
  9. Ledgend
  10. Ninja
  11. Adorable
  12. Pocket
  13. Apple
  14. Alphabet
  15. Audio
  16. Coco
  17. Birdie
  18. Denim
  19. Cricket
  20. Java
  21. Future
  22. Everest
  23. Maple
  24. Puma
  25. Sunday
  26. Rainbow
  27. Story
  28. Pilot
  29. Blue
  30. Journey

These names exist, but it would be a real nice idea if parents do not look at these again. Not only these names have weird meanings that go well with the personality of your kid but they also come out as strange ones when we go by their origin.
An important thing that needs to be known by the parents is that by merely changing out the spellings that crux wont go, there are many parents naming their kids as Oranjee or Lemonee, any child would hate being called orange or lemon and this is the biggest reason why such names and name tweaks should not be considered.

Internet is full of information when it comes to weird, awkward and strange baby names, parents need to go by these lists and ensure that they do not end up picking any one of those. Go by the names that come with a meaning or at least the ones that look cute when pronounced, do not pick the ones that people give a second thought when pronouncing in that fear that they might say it wrong.

It is really annoying how stupid parents are getting when it comes to naming their baby girl as ABCD or Easepese, these are no where names, they are just alphabet amalgamation and should not be considered at any cost. Pick a name that sounds sweet as with this your child is going to become a popular one in the lot, all due to good reasons. It has been found that in that attempt to pick a unique name, parents are going in for all those stupid and meaningless ones, it is high time they resort to a good website that has current statistics of popular and preferred names as this will help them make the right pick. Going with those weird looking names is going to bring down your child’s self esteem and as soon as he or she grows up you will be on that task of finding a good name.