If your kid says, ‘I hate my name’, you know that you have done a blunder while naming him with something that is so awkward. Well, we all would agree to the fact that unreal naming options exist and it is the parents who need to ensure that they do not go in for these when naming their child. It has been found that around 20% of the parents regret that wrong name selection and allow their kids to go in for a name change during early school years.

Poll Reveals Top Names Parents Regret Giving Their Kids

Mumsnet surveyed 1362 people and their reasons varied from, it being too common, to it just “not feeling right”.

Parents need to go by the fact that in case they are having second thoughts for a name, chances are high that their child is going to simply hate his/her name. It is not that all the names that are hated by the kids have awkward meanings; some win this abhorrence from either that incorrect pronunciation or from those spellings.

If we go by the current day scenario, one such name that is being hated the most is ISIS which represent an Egyptian goddess and we need not say what is refers to today. When we talk of the top regrettable names, the ones that top the list include:

There are many parents out there who have either changed the baby name or have added an initial to it for making the pronunciation different. Still, that name more or less remains the same. If you too want to name your child with something unique and interesting, make sure that you do not pick any of the ones present in the list above.

There are so many beautiful yet simple to spell and pronounce names out there, parents really do not need to go in for these gauche ones.

We all would agree to the basic fact that naming ones child is a super special feeling, but that excitement needs to be kept under a limit else any wrong name will be picked. Choose a name that has some meaning attached and do not just go in for those gods, goddesses, kings, queens and flowers.

Settle in for the names that are latest and the ones that are being loved by all, ensure that you do not pick a name that looks shady or the one that has too many spellings, with this you can be sure of the fact that your child’s name is going to get butchered in school, college and even at work place.

Go ahead and place a safe bet, pick short name that represents something meaningful and keep on checking the web for the ones that are hated so that you do not pick one of those by mistake.

There are enough sites on the web doing surveys and polls for the names that parents regret or the ones that are hated by kids, before you reach to the final decision, do not forget to check the list.