‘Kar’ and ‘E’ are very common suffix used in Marathi surnames. The ‘kar’ suffix in Marathi surnames means “from”, “a resident of”. Not to be confused with Bengali names like Kar, Karmakar, etc. that kar is pronouned KAAr, and it means “maker” etc.

Below is a an exclusive list of marathi surnames with meaning:

Suename Meaning
Pagaar Salary
Gaarpagaar Cold Salary
Ghamandi Proudy
Yede Mad
Dahibhate Curd rice
Inamdar One who has got the area to rule as an Award
Jahagirdar They are there to look care after a bigger group of villages.
Vakil Advocate
Adhikari Officers of Government
Samant The family belongs to the Foreign Minister.
Peshwe Administrator in Chief of the State
Naktode One who breaks noses and also the Marathi name of cricket
Waghmare The ones who kill tigers
Hattimaare The Elephant killers
Kawade Crow people
Makode The black garden ants. When they bite, it hurts.
Mungi The small ants. The harmless hardworking black ants
Dukare The pig people. Pork lovers
Dahivade A recipe of Curd
Bhajipale Green leafy vegetables.
Khobre Coconuts
Kale Black colour
Gore Light skin color people
Hirwe The green people. Eco-friendly Marathis.
Pilawe The yellow people
Pitale The Marathis who are like brass
Tambe The ones like copper
Lokhande The ones like iron
Sone And the ones like gold. Oh the hierarchy
Ekbote They here just have one finger. Unfortunate and cruel.
Barahathe And these guys have 12 hands. Talk about unfairness
Behere Deaf
Khokale These guys have a bad cough, all the freakin time.
Bobade These poor guys lisp
Lele The givers (Lele giveth )
Nene The takers (Nene taketh away)
Bal Phatak The Marathi Bill Gates
Chaate The licker
Bhoot The ghost to keep you company in your lonely hours
Chikate These are the colossal bores. They stick and never leave.
Gotmaare The mischief makers who throw stones at people for fun.
Potdukhe Stomach ache
Potphode When the stomach ache goes out of hand. Stomach burst
Hage The ones who just got done with their morning business
Pachpore The ones with five children.
Ashtputra The ones with eight children
Dashputra The ones with 10 children.
Khote Liars
Khare Not Liars
Takle The poor bald guys
Kadu Bitter
Gode Sweet
Godbole Ah the sweet talkers
Goopchup The secret keepers
Dhunganchate The ass lickers
Dawkar One who always plays cunning game
Pilankar Twister
Kaisare How are you
Rawte Respected countryman
Sahamate One who agrees with everyone
Panse One who is from leaf
Dhage One who lives in clouds
Mukadam Roadside contractor
Dahanukar One who lives in Dahanu
Gunjal Spiderman
Naik One who never listens
Hartalkar One who is always on strike
Hardikar One who always makes the job hard
Pardeshi Indian Foreigner
Dhuri One who smokes
Zade One who likes sweeping
Zadgaonkar One who likes sweeping
Shahane One who is wise
Jawalkar One who is close to everyone
Vichaare One who thinks
Aambekar Mango man
Barve Its okay
Godse One who is very sweet
Kashikar One who always go to varanasi
Shiwde One with tailoring shop
Bapat One who is father
Kajale One who blackens everything
Bhagwat One who runs away
Devalekar One who builds temples
Goopchoop One who doesn’t talk
Mahashabde One who talks a lot
Jaykar One who always wins
Dev The God
Mahamuni Big old Rishi
Pilgaonkar One who twists
Karmarkar Do die do
Marane One who kills
Nimkar One who divides by 2
Sahasrabudhhe One who is 1000 times more intellegent
Manjarekar One who is real cat
Murley One who reaches the root
Chandekar Silver mine owner
Pulekar One who is coward
Waadekar Building constructor
Kulkarni One who works very cool
Dhole One who eats more
Ruikar Cotton mill owner
Kapse Cotton mill owner
Dhamdhere One who eats more
Gabale One who is untidy
Wagh One who is brave
Veerkar One who is brave
Damle One who only take money
Pawgi Bakery owner
Shirke One with K on his head
Soman One with weight of 100 tonnes
Divekar One with bulb factory