Transgender man Trystan Reese gives birth to baby boy name Leo with partner Biff Chaplow. ‘Love is possible,’ he says. So is ‘being a loving family. Trystan Reese, from Portland, Oregon, was born female in 1983 but started taking hormone therapy almost a decade ago. On July 14, after 30 hours of labor, Reese gave birth to Leo, a 9.5-pound baby who he says is in great health. He became a trans man who also retained his female reproductive organs. Mr Reese suffered a miscarriage the last time he got pregnant and believed he had missed his chance to have children of his own.

Transgender man Trystan Reese gives birth to baby boy name Leo with partner Biff Chaplow
Leo is the couple’s first biological child, Trystan and Biff also have two adopted children. Years earlier, they had adopted Chaplow’s niece and nephew after his sister was no longer able to take care of them. They raised the two children as their own, bringing them up in Los Angeles, where Reese and Chaplow worked in nonprofits, then moving the family to Portland, Ore., where they live now.

Reese and Chaplow documented the pregnancy in blog posts and on social media, hoping to demystify what it means for a transgender man to give birth and to create a new sense of normalcy for people in similar situations.

Mr Reese told News channel “I would say it’s unique. I understand that people are not used to two men having a biological child,”

“The moment he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss, like the happiest moment of my life. To see the very beginning of Leo, of his life, was just like amazing,” Mr Chaplow added.

Whilst family and friends had always supported the couple’s decision to have a baby, they’e sometimes been on the receiving end of nasty comments online.