A father’s role in raising a baby is huge, it is just that not many are able to convince themselves and thus stay away from discharging all those lovely duties. Father and mother stand equally responsible for the overall development of the child and with the mother already in that energy drenched mode after 9 months of pregnancy, fathers tend to act a bit more conscientious.  Although it has been said in the past that only a mother knows those magic tricks to nurture a baby now the trends have changed and with fathers going on for paternity leaves one thing is clear they too want to participate equally and sometimes even more.

An important thing that needs to be kept in mind by those new fathers is that they need to keep those sensitivity fears at bay, just act normal and the baby will start feeling your touch, just like that of the mother. Fathers need to comprehend one big thing, they are not just that extra help in house, they are needed by the kid and thus it gets imperative to get involved in all that the baby does. It is not that these interactions and bonds would go away when the child starts growing; any involved father needs to ensure that he is always available when the child needs no matter what age the baby is.

Some cut yet effectual ways to get involved with the child are:

  • Engagement
  • Emotional support
  • Exhibiting affection and care
  • Communicating with the child
  • Always planning ahead
  • Rearing the child with full zest and zeal
  • Showing protection

These are the traits that the child will begin to notice and understand even when an in fact or toddler, thus every father out there who wants to raise the child with compete contribution from his side needs to invest some good time and energy in these.

Setting Correct Relationship With The Child

Not many fathers find it easy to relate with their child as closely as the mother there due to some obstructions present at the back of the mind. If you want to be the best father in this world, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Do not think of your upbringing and relation with parents in case it is a sour one as this will make you stay away from your baby
  • Take care of your health as with this you will be able to spend quality time with the child
  • Set blissful relationship with your spouse and surely that love between the three of you will blossom
  • Try and learn what the child needs and make sure that you do not give up even if his or her traits seem tough to comprehend
  • Ask for support and help when required as then only you will be able to give in your 100% to all those fatherhood duties

Take fatherhood as a challenge and keep the momentum high, with this the journey is going to be a delightful one.

An involved father can work with the mother to bring out a healthy baby that relates to both the parents equally. With new age fathers getting convinced to the fact that their baby needs them too, that overall journey of fatherhood is bound to be a special one.