Well, undoubtedly taking care of a child single handedly involves infinite troubles, but the ones that are the most disturbing ones have made it to this list. To be frank, raising a child alone is a task full of hardships for any individual out there, no matter a man or a woman, but yes there are some add-on trouble mongers come uninvited to give mothers sleepless nights.

Getting out of that nasty relationship that was both emotionally and financially draining is a great win but the single mothers do not even get a chance to celebrate that as they have tones of responsibilities pondering over the head.
It is tough to make a child understand that dad is just out there as an entity that exists and is no longer sharing any bond with either the mother or the kid and this is what sets the momentum to a low.

Real Struggles Most Single Mothers Meddle With

Now that a lady is out of that abusive relationship she needs to starts thinking as no one out there is going to offer a hand of help or a suggestion when any confusion occurs. This transition from a wife under the shadow of family or husband to a free single mother is a huge one and it brings in some big troubles that the ladies appreciatively face with lots of courage.

  • Depression, Loneliness & Feeling Of Bewilderment: The very first struggle that a single mother faces is to adjust her brain and heart so that those emotions do not make her weak. The woman needs to be sure that the decision taken is a positive one for her and her child. Coming out of that mindset of confusion takes time and thus it’s the family and friends who need to help so that the thoughts never go negative.
  • Not Enough Finances: Yet another stressing factor on the head of any single mother out there that has just came out of that protective shell and now needs to work hard to make both ends meet. It is not that only the home maker moms face this trouble even the working ones too as a lot of money is going into the fees of lawyers and councilors.
  • Child Not Acting Supportive: let’s face it the child would never want the parents to separate as he or she badly needs both. It has been seen in many cases that after divorce or separation the kids starts acting weird with both the parents and if it’s the mother who has the custody the pain gets even bigger. The child now needs to be a part of every decision that the mother takes and asking for help and advice might help break that ice.
  • Crushed Moms Feel Socially Isolated: Those added duties and responsibilities crush single mothers and this is why they do not get any me time, thus they start feeling socially isolated. At this time it is important for friends to act supportive and help create a favorable environment at home and office.
  • Parenting Pressure: Parenting is a tough job, every day throws in a new challenge and single mothers need to accept those with that sunshine smile on face. Make sure that emotional pressure does not wear you down.

Single moms most of the times deal with all these pressures in their own way ensuring that they begin to enjoy this new life.