Pregnancy is an important stage in any woman’s life. She is blessed with a second life by almighty. She experiences the miracle of life. It is a God’s miracle where an entirely new life takes birth from a woman. Pregnancy is a happy stage, hence the woman should be happy and stress free throughout the process in order to avoid complication in the child’s birth. Several changes happen in a woman’s body and behavior. She feels frustrated, stressed, tired, sleepy etc. Well, the changes vary from person to person depending on her body type. She needs to take extra care of her and her body in her initial months in order to avoid rupturing of egg. Baby is formed after the completion of 3 months; hence she needs to be careful in the way she carries herself. She should avoid lifting heavy objects, run, jump etc. Well, these precautions are common and known to every woman.

Diet Plan for Pregnancy

During the initial months of pregnancy, whatever a mother eats is consumed by her itself. Later after 3 months, all that is consumed by the baby. A perfect diet plan should be followed during pregnancy. All the vitamins, mineral and other necessary nutrients should be perfectly divided throughout the day. A pregnant woman should not be hungry; she should eat small quantities at regular intervals. Below are some of the foods that can harm a conceiving mother, hence should be avoided.

Well balanced diet rich of minerals

Mercury is very harmful as causes different birth defects and brain damage. Undercooked poultry, other meat such as salmonella should be avoided. There are certain snacks that offer instant remedy to hunger; such foods are a big NO for pregnant women. A well balanced diet rich of nutrients, vitamins and other mineral is the best gift any mother can gift to its child. Balanced diet not only helps in giving birth to a healthy child but also helps a woman to heal her wounds quickly after delivery. Apart from vegetables and fruits, protein, grains, legumes and other nutritious items should be included in the routine.

Nutrition Food for Pregnancy Women

Food items such as poultry products, meat, and milk are rich in proteins. Proteins help in the development of tissues of the child including the brain. Blood supply increases with the help of proteins, grown of uterine tissues and breasts. Woman needs calcium equals to 1000mg during her pregnancy. Calcium helps in generating fluids in mother and helps in making of bones and teeth. Some of the products of calcium rich foods are milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc.

Vitamin C helps in the development of the immune system of the mother. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C. It also helps in the development of bones and teeth in both mother and child. Hence, vitamin C is a must in diet routine. Conceiving requires nearly 27mg of iron daily which can be attained from spinach, lettuce, cabbage, oatmeal, seafood etc. She should include more and more of liquids in her diet which will keep her healthy and active. She should eat meals that are thoroughly cooked in order to avoid harmful bacteria.