Naming a baby is not a task for the parents, it is the most enjoyable process that makes them enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey. These days when the sites online are acting as a source of latest baby names, most of the parents visit at least hundred sites before they finally decide on the one that makes them happy. 2016 so far has been an indifferent year for the baby name trends, the vintage ones made a comeback and now those old names are enjoying giant spikes of popularity. Looking at this, it can surely be commented that the baby name trends so far have been quite surprising and with the summers on, it is expected that these would surely set the temperatures soar.

Summer Baby Names 2016

Baby Boy Names:

If we talk of the hottest baby boy names that are doing rounds this summer season, then the ones mentioned below would give you some cool ideas. The hot picks this summer season include:


These are the most preferred names and with each one of these having a unique story to tell, we are sure these would rock the circuits for coming few days. Now the parents are not going in for those celeb names as they want something unique and this is why names such as Oak, Rex and Theo have managed to become so popular.

Baby Girl Names:

For all those proud parents who have been blessed with a daughter, the task of naming the baby gets even tougher as the choices are quite limited as the hunt this summer time is for something that appeals all but is not that common. The baby girl names that are ruling the charts are:


Those age old names are not being treated as cool ones and an evident proof of this change in mindset is that names such as Francine and Bernice are present in the list. People are going in for all those names that have weird pronunciation and even settling in for the French, Spanish and Arabic versions of the name chosen.

Names that were popular back in 80s are getting a special treatment as now parents want to name their babies with a name that is distinctive yet simple. With no fresher names managing to appeal the parents most of them are going with the traditional ones that were known when their parents and grand parents were young as the present day generation is completely unaware of them.

Summer 2016 is not just about revival it is about experimentation too as the parents are not at all hesitating to consider names such as Cala and Jude. These names have topped up the current rankings and with more and more parents picking up these they would surely top the charts for a long time.

For all those parents hunting for cute and adorable names that are unique too, any of the ones mentioned above would be a great pick.