Many organizations and people started mission “Motherhood” but rarely found mission for “Fatherhood”. Lots of information to be found on motherhood but not available sufficient information on Fatherhood while motherhood and fatherhood are equally important.

With the support of real users, is grew up to initiate one more mission “Fatherhood”. Our journey from 2014 to till now, we have received many suggestions and queries from fathers about fatherhood baby care, baby names, name meaning and more. Our honest hard work and true informations are the reasons behind the worldwide recognization of in a short span of time.

Vision of “Fatherhood” mission is to make fatherhood better and safer for all fathers so that they can nurture their children and influence their destinies. Although we are not a health organization, doctor or psychologist. We collect useful information from the trusted resources and make easy availability of these informations here.

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Tips For Dad To Act As A Perfect Partner In The Delivery Room

We would seldom see dads talking about that exact child birth process and pain, the reason being that when our mother was pushing herself hard dad was there in the next room biting his nails. Thankfully, the scene has changed now as the…


Fatherhood Tips For Dads To Raise A Child With Ample Of Love & Confidence!

Fatherhood Tips For Dads To Raise A Child With Ample Of Love & Confidence!

A father’s role in raising a baby is huge, it is just that not many are able to convince themselves and thus stay away from discharging all those lovely duties. Father and mother stand equally responsible for the overall development of the child…