We would seldom see dads talking about that exact child birth process and pain, the reason being that when our mother was pushing herself hard dad was there in the next room biting his nails. Thankfully, the scene has changed now as the dads these days are giving in their 100% to ensure that they share all those moments with their partner even in the labor room so that they can welcome their child when his or her mother is not in that fully conscious state. Going by the fact that the mother is out there for a heroic act, dads too are looking for ways to share some pain, anxiety and confusion to smoothen out the situation.

Labor & Delivery Tips for Dads


Dad’s role in the labor room is huge and here are few areas where all those new dad’s-to-be need to work upon:

  1. The lady out there is not only your wife, he is the one who is going to make you a father and this is the biggest reason why you need to share everything with her, that first contraction pain or that first push
  2. Labor is a tedious process, you need to stand by her with a smile on your face and cheer her so that this phase passes easily, try and ensure that she never feels scared and for this you can act as a part time nurse
  3. Ask her how she feels after every few minutes, listen to her carefully and try and get hold of her expectations from the doctor and nurses around and in case you feel she is not feeling comfortable, go in for another plan of action
  4. Start to count and try and keep her attention away from all that pain by comforting her that soon the baby will be out on her lap, you might need to exhibit a thick skin here so be prepared
  5. If you feel that you cannot see your wife in all that pain, go and take a break but make sure that it is a short one so that you do not miss on that precious moment and at the same time try and make your partner feel queasy as this will help her deal with that pain in a better way
  6. Be focused on all those extra things that could matter, try and keep the camera handy as those amazing pictures are going to be a great gift for your partner and child
  7. Stay ready for that big moment, try and shun away all that anxiety by replacing it with happiness and cheer, talk to the doctor every few minutes as this will make it easy for you to deal with the situation better
  8. Now that the baby is born your duties have increased,  while your wife is resting, take care of the baby and make sure that you get all those tiny details about the health of both

Before your wife wakes up, get some chocolates, flowers and home made food ready, show her your love and how blessed you feel to be her partner.