List of Surnames Under Namasudra Community

The term “Namasudra” refers to a community or caste primarily found in the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh. The Namasudras are also known by other names such as Namassej, Namasseji, and Poundra. Historically, they were categorized as a lower caste…


Bengali Surnames, Meaning and Their Origin


The Bengali surnames or titles have originated from clan names, village or place names, group names, occupation etc. It is from folk to modernity. For example The surname Mondol has come from Morol or village headman. Bengali Brahmin: The different Brahmin communities of…


Marathi Surnames List with Meaning

Marathi Surnames and Meanings

‘Kar’ and ‘E’ are very common suffix used in Marathi surnames. The ‘kar’ suffix in Marathi surnames means “from”, “a resident of”. Not to be confused with Bengali names like Kar, Karmakar, etc. that kar is pronouned KAAr, and it means “maker” etc.…